When and How it started:

  • In 1974 The founder Joseph Khalil finished a post graduate studies in
  • science of organization. The idea was that the best automation is the one
  • that supports a business organization.
  • It was and still is software package vs. in house programming.
  • IMS is the in house programming with a software package.

How it works:

  • The package is a group of modules designed to be assembled as needed to
  • build an application. Let's pick a limited illustration:
  • Put Payroll,AR,Pricing and Manufacturing modules in a garment factory
  • implementation. The number of pieces of a specific machine output is
  • communicated over the network to the server.
  • It is used by the payroll to pay the operator of the machine.
  • It is used to feed the inventory with finished goods.
  • It is bar coded out of the door for client delivery and used to bill
  • the client by the pricing module. Etc..

Office Robotics:

  • Automatic scheduling, tracking, emails, tasking all parameters driven.
  • The data control the process and trigger actions.
  • It looks like robotics running the office and the business according
  • to management rules fed as parameters to the system.
  • Adopted as business Culture this concept evolved FBS software one step closer
  • to the artificial intelligence with every new implementation.